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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year etc etc etc (much belated, i know). Today I added Pj Harvey photos



Added photos of Mick Turner (of the Dirty Three) supporting Arab Strap both in a duo setting and with Malcolm Middleton performing solo.



About time I put some photos up!
This update contains Mogwai, (and you will know us by the) Trail of Dead, Mercury Rev, and more locally - The Devastations, Augie March and Dan Brodie & the Broken Arrows.
I've been busy taking shots the last few months and more will be posted over the next week.



Time for something a little different - I've posted shots of the UK's The Cooper Temple Clause playing a RRR live to air at the Laundry in Fitzroy.
Rather special night with buckets of rock to be splashed out everywhere.


I've just posted a handfull of shots from the Drones album launch at the Tote last night.


Silver Ray record launch are now up. This was simply one of the best shows that I have been to all year!



Just posted shots of Hugo Race & The True Spirit playing at the Dan O'Connell and Conway Savage at the Rob Roy.
I also posted some better Sepiatone photos about a week or so back.
I've been working through the massive number of photos from Silver Ray's exquisite record launch and will be posting some over the coming days.
Also on the boiler are some new Fizard photos.



Well - this update took a while but it's ALL here now - Cosmic Psychos, The Drones, The Exotics, The Fergs, The Sailors, new Registered Nurse, Penny Ikinger, Dumb Earth, Silver Ray AND George W Bush shots.
Oh .... and the next date shouldn't take any where near as long!



Shots of RRR's God Save the Queen Royal Riot day at the Espy in St Kilda will be posted soon, a day which culminated with the Cosmic Psychos taking to the stage and laying waste to all before them.
New Registered Nurse, Fergs, Dumb Earth, George W Bush and Penny Ikinger photos coming soon too.
Speaking of which, Penny will be playing a show at the Epsy's Gershwin room on the 29th of June. Also playing will be Caroline Kennedy's Kicksilvers.
Just found out that Silver Ray will be lauching their second album at the Corner Hotel in Richmond on the 20th of July. Should be a damn fine experience.



Hmmmm ..... Halfway through the year.
This is my first post. It's Saturday afternoon, it's rather cold outside but the sun is shining strong and it's glare warms my side.
If you're looking for something to do this coming friday (7/6/2002), then head on down to the Arthouse to watch George W Bush declare war on silence with their very own "axis of evil."